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A HUGE thank you to all of my WoNDeRFul guests; I cannot thank you all enough!!!  It means the world to me to share with you what I love and I am so blessed to be able to work with so many amazing people!

Thank you for sharing your smiling vacation photos with me and for allowing me to be a part of your happy memories.

I look forward to working with you on your future vacations!

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"Amazing travel agent. I have used Pixie Dust twice now and had two amazing vacations, thanks to Melissa. Any time I had a question she responded promptly. If she did not know the answer she found out. She also did a great job in helping plan the vacations, especially for Disney World. A great choice for a travel agent." - W - and - M - Families (5 star Facebook review on Pixie Dust Adventures)

Melissa was amazing from helping us plan our 10 year wedding anniversary trip to Cancun, Mexico! From the moment we spoke, I knew she was going to be amazing! She helped us with setting up our Vow Renewal, finding the right resort, any questions we had up until we left. All around fantastic! And we will be using her for our next trip! Highly recommend her! - Haley

Some of my favorite pictures from our magical, wonderful cruise! Thank you @melissa.and.the.mouse @pixiedustadventures for all of your assistance in ensuring we had a great vacation! #disneywonder - Nellor Family on Intagram

Melissa was absolutely wonderful in planning my cruise. She took care of every detail and alleviated all the stress of planning and preparing. I highly recommend Pixie Dust Adventures. - B & L families

I can’t even imagine taking another trip/vacation without Melissa’s help. She is nothing short of AMAZING! Every question was answered. Every detail was tended to. She even answers questions you haven’t even thought of. I can honestly say our vacation was a trip of a lifetime because of her. She is no longer just our forever travel agent but she, and her beautiful family, are now official Reyes family members!

I want to thank you for your assistance in planning a wonderful vacation. Thanks to you everything went pretty smoothly and we were able to enjoy our time in Disney World. I will definitely consider your services for future vacations. Our favorite parks were Epcot and Animal Kingdom, we were able to do a lot of activities, watched shows, and got on many rides! Once again thank you so much!

Thank you to my friend Melissa at Pixie Dust Adventures/Adventure Anywhere Travel for all of your help with planning our trip! -K- Family

"Thank you so much for helping me and my family on our vacation! Everything was absolutely amazing and we had a wonderful time!" - Rochelle Sanchez, Colorado

Melissa is an old client of mine in Real Estate, this is how I got to know her and her family! I quickly discovered just how different she was as a client. She was so thorough with everything involving the sale of her house, so prompt with getting back to me and just so darn freaking nice! We all know that when you are going through a tough transaction that it becomes very easy to get frustrated, IT WAS THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE WITH MELISSA. SHE WAS SO NICE! Since that transaction, my family and I have used her twice for vacations, one to florida and the other to hawaii! Let me tell you something Melissa planned everything so so so PERFECTLY FOR US. We as a family could tell this right from the get go getting off the plane! SHE IS SO THOROUGH AND SO CARING! Did you know that she mailed me a book about Maui, how totally and completely awesome is that! I CHALLENGE ANYBODY I MEAN ANYBODY OUT THERE TO FIND SOMEBODY AS CARING, THOROUGH AND NICE AS MELISSA, when picking somebody to help you with your travel. YOU WON’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Rob M.

Melissa was awesome in planning our first Disney trip! She scheduled our resort, dinning reservations, and fast passes. There wasn’t anything she didn’t think of. She was always quick to respond to any questions I had, and I had a lot! She also provided lots of tips which was so helpful. I will definitely be using Melissa in the future!! - L. Smith

Thank you for everything you helped us with, we had a Wonderful time on our vacation! I especially loved the Photo Pass/Memory maker, I was actually able to be in the vacation pictures for once😉 hahaI have already shared your info with my best friend! They aren’t planning to go to Disney for a few years, but I told her you were the only one to turn to!! I also plan on coming to you for any future vacation plans, possibly a cruise, if I can convince the husband to take one😉 Thank you again for being such a Great Travel Agent!! J.M. Family

We went to Disney World in 2013 and I did all the planning and leg work. Melissa was recommended to us by a friend so I let go of the reigns and gave her a shot. Our trip to Disney World this time was seamless! Melissa helped us with everything but flights as I already had that booked. When we arrived the hotel already knew we were celebrating our son’s birthday and we didn’t have to budget for meals because we did the meal plan (highly recommend). Melissa set up all our fast passes and dinner reservations so I didn’t have to sit at my computer at midnight when our time frame opened. She also text me to let me know of special events happening while we were there. Book with Melissa, you won’t be disappointed!

Oh my goodness! Melissa at Pixie Dust Adventures is amazing!!! She helped me plan and gave me the best deals she could find which were totally awesome! She gave me detailed itinerary and directions step by step on where to go and what shuttles to catch! She was available anytime I had questions before, during and after our trip. She gave us tips on thrifty eating and took care of everything when our flight was canceled and we had to stay and extra day and I was getting ready to freak out when that happened but I didn’t because she took care of It for me and was so glad to do it. She has been a blessing to my family and me! I highly recommend her!!! She rocks!!! ❤️ -L. Lucero family

"We had the best spring break ever thanks to Melissa at Pixie Dust Adventures! She is wonderful! Talk about best customer service ever. She is always available for all my questions and helps plan the trip from beginning to end! She works with you on a budget that fits your family. She made this trip special and we can’t thank her enough. My boys love getting mail from her! From her sweet notes to her fast response time on any and all questions we won’t ever plan a Disney trip without her! We can’t wait for the next one!" - Tanya

"...it’s clear that you care about your clients and spent a lot of time getting them better deals. I’m seriously blown away that you took that work off of my back. I’ve always been a "plan it yourself" type of Disney-goer but you may have changed that! I like that I’m able to plan as much or as little as I want.”" Lauran

Thank you for helping our family plan our vacation. *A* and *J* family

"You changed our lives and it was a trip of a life time!!! My husband keeps telling everyone how amazing it was using huge hand motions like a little kid and he is one that’s hard to please!!!" - Emily - Universal Orlando

Melissa has helped me plan two intricate trips this year- one with a friend for RunDisney at Walt Disney World and another with my family at Disneyland. She is patient with plan alterations. She is kind when I ask multiple questions I could probably find on Google. She applied package discounts the day they came out without me even having to ask. This woman probably made at least 5 to 10 calls to Disney on my behalf- gladly. Before working with Melissa, I had planned 5 Disney trips on my own. I’ll never go back to planning them by myself. Using a travel agent is completely free (Disney pays them), and they take the fuss out of planning. The coolest part is that I still get to do all of the fun planning that I enjoy- such as fastpasses and dining reservations. I know she would have done them for me, but I love the excitement of those aspects. Melissa goes over the top of what is expected. She sent my family the sweetest care package before our upcoming trip- complete with items that she didn’t even know were on my shopping list! My kiddos now have entertainment for their flights and autograph books that are cooler than anything I would have found in Oklahoma. This is the first trip that my kids are interested in autographs, so I am thrilled to have these. She even included a gift card for a treat on her! There were many other special things included in the package such as current park maps, a custom itinerary- printed and bound, and information on Disney cruises. I was so happy to see the cruise information because I had chatted with her about how we want to go on one in the next few years. She had a note on it about having fun with future planning. Oh, I will!! Seriously Melissa is awesome! There’s literally nothing to lose by working with her on a trip. I’m so glad I found her! I can’t wait to plan my next trip with her!

I’ll be sure to let you know when we start to plan our next Disney vacation. You were the best! - *P* family Here is a pic of us from our trip with you! Thanks again!

Thank you for all our little surprises before and after our trip. We had a blast and came back exhausted. I will have to send you a list of everything we accomplished; it will probably floor you. I have been recommending you to all my friends and hopefully we can plan another trip soon. Thank you so much for all your patience in answering questions and all your hard work. Sincerely, Shania

Thank you for helping us plan our Orlando vacation package to Discovery Cove, SeaWorld, Aquatica. We had a wonderful time. - *P* family

We surprised our kids with a surprise Disney Cruise Vacation next June!!! They were all so excited. Thank you Melissa Mathies for all your help with planning!!!

Thank you for your superior services, right down to the smallest details. We have so enjoyed our vacation festivities and you have been a major player in our successful celebrations. Thank you for your patience, kindness and everything you have done. - Jan

"Thank you for organizing out trip to Disney World. We have many good memories with our grandsons, son & daughter-in-law. It was a great trip. Thanks again" - Mary L

"I think I figured out what I like about you. I may be a client, but I feel like a friend. Thanks for being so sweet and excited for us. Also for being so smart at this that you can always calm the crazy in me and get it fixed right up." - Kathy

"Melissa, Thank you so much for helping make our family vacation a wonderful experience. YOu went above and beyond and we just want to say ’thank you’. I will always tell others to use you when planning a trip." The *P* Family

"My favorite was castaway cay the best! Thank you for all your help! We had a great time and you helped so much!" *L* Family

"We had a wonderful vacation! Seriously the best vacation we’ve ever done :-) I am ready to go again!" *C* Family

"Thank you Melissa! Through Pixie Dust Adventures we had an amazing cruise. So much fun, leaving us with so many happy memories. Can’t wait for you to plan our next cruise." - *R* couple

This Disney vacation was the easiest and best planned vacation that we have taken. Thank you Melissa for planning our vacation. *Mc* family and friends.

"I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done on setting up this trip. It was one of the best vacations my husband and I have ever had. And you setting everything up for us was one of the major reasons why. We had the whole trip mapped out before we ever got there, which really took away a lot of stress for us. Also thank you for the little gift package Kaleb thought it was the coolest thing ever (I told him Mickey had sent it to us). I am telling all my friends and family that we went through you to set everything up and that it is the absolutely only way to do it. So hopefully, if anybody is planning to go they will contact you. Again thank you so much for everything and have a wonderful rest of the week." K. Denning

Disneyland - Creating the best memories! Thank you Melissa Mathies for helping plan our trip. It is perfect! *W* family

Melissa, thank you so much for all that you did for our honeymoon. It was perfect and your our official travel agent from now on! Everything you did and planned was beyond the call of duty. And Matt had a great time too! He’s already talking about the next time we go! ☺️ *W* couple

There is nothing that I enjoy more than meeting up with clients/friends/family while they are visiting Disney. Thank you to the Shumaker family for allowing us share a few minutes of your time in Hollywood Studios after your Disney Cruise! Melissa - Pixie Dust Adventures

"Our trip was so amazing. I cannot thank you enough. Really a vacation of a lifetime." - K Parker family celebrating two 50 year wedding anniversaries while at Walt Disney World.

Oh my goodness you helped so much all the tips all the planning made it so nice. perfect hotel, perfect time, love Disney.Oh my gosh our Disneyland trip is 5 days away! I’m so excited and Melissa at Pixie Dust Adventures has been super helpful in planning a very budget friendly trip for our family. She is so patient, responds timely, has wonderful tips and advice and was never expecting anything in return. We got the funnest packet in the mail with the best information and perks! We appreciate you! - T Lujan - Disneyland

Thank you Melissa Mathies for helping make our trip magical! L. Kinney

It’s been a week since we got back from our Disney World vacation...and getting back to reality is hard after having the time of our lives at the most happiest place on earth. There is no amount of Thank yous that I can give to Melissa and Pixie Dust Adventures for helping us on our 1st Family Vacation. We hope to do it again in the near future! - The Calupe Family

Melissa, your package came today! I didn’t think I could get more excited about the trip or grateful for your services but I was wrong on both fronts!Thank you for the wonderfully thoughtful and generous gifts! John and I are feeling incredibly blessed that Kelly found you so we could also benefit from your skills, expertise

Melissa, your package came today! I didn’t think I could get more excited about the trip or grateful for your services but I was wrong on both fronts!Thank you for the wonderfully thoughtful and generous gifts! John and I are feeling incredibly blessed that Kelly found you so we could also benefit from your skills, expertise

What a privledge it was to assist this amazing family of 10 with planning their vacation to Disneyland, Universal Hollywood & SeaWorld! - Melissa Mathies

I appreciate everything you did to make the trip happen!

Thank you so much to Melissa Mathies who set up my recent Disney Vacation. She has now done 2 for me and as far as travel agents go, she is a keeper. She really knows her stuff. She gives great advice and both of my trips with her have gone smooth as butter!!! I would recommend using her is you have any travel needs!! - Larson Family having fun in Disney World

If you ever are planning a disney vacation, cruise, or universal studios, you have to use Pixie Dust Adventures! She was the magic behind us being able to pull off our last minute vacation T-9 days! Thanks so much Melissa Mathies, I think we are going to be long time friends! - Kelly

Vacation was absolutely magical! Thank you for everything! It was perfect!!! - Smith Family in Disneyland

Our kids LOVED their Happy Mail Yesterday! Thank you to Melissa Mathies of Pixie Dust Adventures for caring so much for our family! If you are ever planning a trip to Disney World, Disney Land, or Universal Studio’s, or a Disney Cruise - Definitely get ahold of Melissa she will make your trip even more magical than it already is! Melissa you are so thoughtful and I am glad I can call you one of my closest friends now too! - Heather

Thank you SO much for all of your help! It certainly is above and beyond!...YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Thank you so much :-) The *N* Family


First I would love to say thank you for everything!!! We had an amazing time on our cruise!! The weather didn’t cooperate but it was so relaxing and fun!! We are planning our next one and will be calling you to help get it all arranged!! - J. Waller - Carnival Cruise

Amy, Abby and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You really helped us out with our family vacation to Florida. The location of the resort was perfect, we were able to rent bicycles and ride up and down the beach, we went deep sea fishing ( Abby caught a fish ) it was so much fun. I specified that I wanted to walk out the resort and be on the beach, well that is exactly what you did for us, this resort was right on the beach. Most importantly, you set all this up, we didn’t have to do a thing, except give you our credit card, and the time you spent searching the mist affordable plane tickets was tremendous.I would definitely recommend you to anybody I know whom is traveling, in fact I have already recommended you to family and friends. Thanks for your fantastic attention to detail and tremendous dedication you showed me and my family!!! - Clearwater Beach, FL

"We are on our way home and we just wanted to thank you again for everything. We had a great trip!" Y.T.

Thank you so much for all you did to make our trip perfect. Appreciate your work and guidance. - Maddy

"Melissa planned two Disney trips in 2017 for myself and family. She answered all my questions no matter how large or small they were. She thought of all the details that would make our trip more enjoyable. She was so nice and thoughtful. I will use her again when planning a trip." - Barb Z.

"Absolute professional, courteous, and helpful at every turn. I couldn’t be more pleased with the service and dedication that Melissa provides, and can’t wait to use her services for ALL of our future travel plans!" - Kristi

"Melissa did a great job planning the perfect Disney cruise for our family. She is thorough and makes great suggestions. She even throws in extra goodies! We love booking through Pixie Dust Adventures." - Marcie C.

"Melissa is the best! She works very hard to make sure our vacation is maximized. Details are her specialty. We have recommended Pixie Dust Adventures to our friends and family." - Jana S.

Melissa was great to work with when planning a surprise 60th birthday trip for my mom to Disney World! Thank you so much for all of your help and knowledge! - Kari F

Pixie Dust Adventures is incredibly easy to work with! Melissa is very thorough and helpful and leaves no detail unfinished! We received a helpful packet with everything needed to keep our trip organized - from flight info to hotel, rental car and park tickets! We even just received a birthday card after our trip! Wouldn’t use anyone else when planning future trips! - Bryan H

Melissa was absolutely wonderful in planning my cruise. She took care of every detail and alleviated all the stress of planning and preparing. I highly recommend Pixie Dust Adventures. - B. Boltz